The latest FF Free Fire Redeem Code

Redeem Code Free Fire July 2020 Proven Valid, Get SCAR Phantom Assassin – You are a Free Fire player who is looking for the FF redeem code but is constantly cheated because the code is invalid? Here GGWP.ID gives enlightenment.

On the internet you will definitely easily find various Redeem Free Fire codes. But not everything works or is valid, you know.

Now in this article the author will share based on personal experiments on the FF redeem code circulating among Free Fire!

List of FF Redeem Codes for July 2020
Now instead of you tired of trying the code one by one, GGWP.ID has already sorted it out for you in this article!

1. PXLELXDOO9L Redeem Code
The first redeem code is the PXTLELXDOO9L code. This code is official and is provided by an Instagram account called gmpapperbag.

But it should be known, this event has a limited time and ended on July 15, 2020. But calm down, there is still another code.

2. FF Redeem Code FF3M-D4GW-9RGR
The second redeem code is FF3M-D4GW-9RGR. If you enter this code on the official Garena website, you will get an exclusive prize.

The prizes are 1x Hayato Bobble Head and 1x Weaooin Royale Voucher. The author tried it himself and managed to get the prize.

3. FF4M Redeem Code

On July 20 circulated the Free Fire redeem code with the prefix FF4M. It is said that the Redeem Free Fire code can get a SCAR Phantom Assassin.

This was uploaded by Garena through their official Instagram account. But to be able to get it you have to collect first 8 characters from the FF4M code.

You must find 8 other characters in Garena’s post. There are several codes circulating on the internet such as FF4M-D4YW-8RQR or FF4M-PCSB-F7RB.

Unfortunately when the author tries to exchange it on the official website, the code is declared invalid. Have you found the code?

4. Other codes
Actually, besides the two codes that have been proven valid above, there are still many Free Fire redeem codes scattered on the internet.

The author tried it one by one but failed to get a prize because the code was declared invalid.

If you’re curious and want to try it for yourself, here are some Free Fire redeem codes that you can try:

If it fails, then the code may be out of date or invalid from the start. Remember, make sure you redeem on the official site! Check out the tutorial below!

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